Eat Japan ! / 食べるぜニッポン!

The 3rd regular meeting of the Ishinomaki City Council has ended.

At this regular meeting, the “Opinion Paper Requesting Early Response to Harmful Rumors Regarding ALPS Treated Water" was passed, and 6 members of the Diet also asked questions regarding the response to reputational damage to the fishing industry caused by TEPCO’s release of ALPS treated water into the ocean.

In addition, after the meeting, city officials and the council held a joint dinner to support Ishinomaki fishing industry, where we enjoyed scallops and Hoya from Ishinomaki!

It was very delicious✨

Ishinomaki City, which is home to the world’s three largest fishing grounds off Sanriku Kinkasan, and the Ishinomaki City Council will do our best to support the fishermen who are working hard despite the damage caused by rumors!